Here are the all important documents you’ll need to read and use to Help Save The Chequers – Our Application Pack.

Please be sure to read both the Prospectus and the Business Plan and then use the Application form to apply for shares. Remember the Deadline is 30 June 2018:

Elston Community Pub Donation form

Elston Community Pub Share Offer Prospectus

Elston Community Pub Limited Business Plan

Elston Community Pub Application Form

Very interesting article from CAMRA

Friends on Tap

Model Rules for Elston Community Pub Limited

Elston Community Pub Limited

Pub January 2018 Questionnaire

In future we can create documents you can fill in online – but for now, please click on one of the two links below (whichever works best for you – they are the same document, just in different formats) to download. Print, fill in and return to Elston Village Shop by 20 February 2018. Thank you:

Elston Community Pub Questionnaire_Jan_2018 – Word
Elston Community Pub Questionnaire_Jan_2018 – PDF

18 January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the meeting – in 2 formats, Word and PDF:
Notes – Public Meeting – 18th January 2018 – Word (will automatically download)
Notes – Public Meeting – 18th January 2018 – PDF