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  1. Hi! Just got this great message from Andrew Birkhead, of CAMRA:
    “Newark CAMRA are looking forward to meeting you all at the beer and cider festival at the end of May. A table is ready for your information and banner. Good luck with the fund raising. Andrew Birkhead Chair Newark CAMRA”

    Thanks Andrew!

  2. It might have gone a bit quiet here, but rest assured the Steering Group are very busy developing the Business Plan, feasibility studies, making visits to other pubs, in addition to their day jobs…
    Its not a smooth journey by any means, but we aim to get some fundraising going very soon- and you will know about it!

  3. I’ll kick this off…
    Please download a questionnaire and return it to the Elston Village Shop. Your responses will help define the future Chequers Inn… a *destination* pub.
    Also, we need people to invest in this community project, either in cash and in kind.
    Spread the word amongst family and friends.
    Let’s resurrect the pub as a focal point for the community… in Elston and the neighbouring villages.


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