Our Community

The most important people involved in this project is our community. We all have a part to play. We also have lots of fantastic memories of our pub. Here are just a few of them.

Community spirit in action in Elston – The Hub is our temporary pub

When the only pub in the village – The Chequers – closed on New Years’ eve 2016 members of the community immediately sprang into action and re-activated ‘The Hub’, a volunteer-led ‘pop up pub’ that had been set up in the village hall the last time the pub closed, some 8 years ago.

The Hub provides a temporary, alternative venue for the local residents to meet, enjoy a drink , bar snacks or even a bar meal, and is open  just 2 evenings a week. It provides a venue for local groups to meet, hosts the Elston Ladies Darts team and visitors, Book Club, and holds regular Quizzes and  Bingo nights.  All of the things that were previously held in the Chequers, and which the community wants returning to the Chequers- and more!  Since it began operating  in February 2017 it has been well supported and has taken in excess £30,000. However, although the  Hub has been successful in some ways, by  maintaining  a regular social focus for the community, it is run as a temporary solution in a venue that cannot provide the facilities or ambience that The Chequers could provide. The business strategy for the Hub, is of operating only until The Chequers opens once more as a pub, and hopefully a community owned pub.

What the Hub clearly demonstrates is the need for a pub and social heart for the local community. Although running on very restricted hours, and not an ideal venue, the Hub has taken a substantial income, with profits benefitting a number of good causes in the village.

Projecting this forward into a full-time tenanted business model, operating within our local pub , and with additional facilities,  helps to demonstrate the support for and viability of  The Chequers.

Elston Community Pub Limited Management Committee

Who runs the Society?

The Society is run by its Management Committee and is answerable to the members. The initial members of the Management Committee will remain in place until the first Annual Members Meeting which will elect a new Management Committee, and thereafter members will stand for election in rotation. The first annual members meeting will be held as soon as is practicable after the purchase has been completed.

The initial Management Committee, who are all volunteers and residents of Elston, is as follows:

  • David Pearson (Chair)
  • Jonathan Harris (Vice Chair)
  • Linda Fitzgerald (Secretary)
  • Jim Sweeting ( Treasurer)
  • Ann Sankey

What does the Management Committee do?

The Management Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Society in exactly the same way that a board of directors is responsible for managing the affairs of a limited company, and has similar legal responsibilities. Specifically, the Management Committee will:

  • Organise and supervise the purchase of the pub and any refurbishment works
  • Appoint the tenant
  • Monitor and manage the Society’s financial affairs for the benefit of the community
  • Oversee the lease and manage the relationship between the Society and the tenant
  • Appoint new tenants should that be necessary
  • Ensure that the Society complies with all applicable regulations

In addition to the legally responsible members of the Management Committee, there are additional volunteers who are members of the wider Steering Group, they are currently Charles Johnstone , Sandra Wright and Matt Dyer. Our contact with Elston Parish Council is Sue Dyer , Parish Councillor.

Who are members and what will they  do?

Purchase of shares will confer membership of the Society, giving you as a member control over the business through the annual election of a Management Committee and voting rights on significant matters affecting the Society’s business. Each member has one vote regardless of how many shares they hold.

Members elect the Management Committee at the Annual Members Meeting, and can themselves be elected onto the Management Committee.

All members will be provided with an Annual Report, which will set out details of the operation of the Society and how it has developed its activities over the previous year and which will include a copy of the accounts.

The Rules also provide for a number of other ways in which the membership may hold the Management Committee accountable for the running of the Society, including the calling of a special general meeting if required.

A copy of our Model Rules can be downloaded from the website, or hard copy can be requested via the Contact us tab)

Data confidentiality

The Society will adhere to the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) as described in the link below.  We will use and process general personal data only for the purposes of administering the activities of the Society.

We will keep your personal information secure and up to date, and will:

  • only use it for the purposes for which it was gathered, and
  • not keep it longer than necessary

Personal data will be used solely for the purpose of maintaining a register of members and potential members as required by the rules of the Society, and for communicating with members.  We will not share any members’ personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) with third parties.

Members’ financial information, such as amounts invested, share classes purchased, and interest paid will be treated as strictly confidential, and will not be shared even within the Management Committee except as necessary for managing the Society (eg when making decisions about whether withdrawal requests can be funded).

A full Data Protection Policy will be drawn up utilising the guidelines outlined in the Co-operatives UK GDPR handbook.

If you would like to know more or get involved feel free to contact us.